Beautiful  Blossom is a European salon providing top-notch e-file manicure and pedicure services, also known as is a modern technique used in nail care. We are focused on providing high-end services using professional e-files & specialized implements with an extreme focus on using safe products on our clients.

We are passionate about our unique techniques and innovations. Our talented team is dedicated to making your nails look flawless, whether it’s through precise manicures or pedicures. If you’re seeking unique artwork or designs, we’re the perfect destination for you.

Our highly trained and skilled technicians  are creating beautiful, long-lasting gel nails, ensuring that you can enjoy your beautiful nails for weeks to come.  Our welcoming and comfortable environment is designed to make you feel at ease, so you can relax and enjoy your time with us.  

At Beautiful Blossom, safety is top priority, and we ensure the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness with disposable products, autoclavable tools, and EPA-registered disinfectants, to ensure that your nail services are both safe and enjoyable. Visit Beautiful Blossom today and experience the difference of high standards, beautiful artwork, and professional touch.

Benefits of e-file techniques:


  • Waterless Process: By avoiding water, the risk of contamination from bacterial, viral, fungal, or parasitic infections is significantly reduced. Additionally, without water, nail products can adhere better and last longer.

  • Chemical-Free: E-file manicures and pedicures are devoid of harsh chemicals typically found in cuticle removers, promoting healthier nails and cuticles.

  • Exfoliation Instead of Cutting: The e-file process focuses on exfoliating keratinized tissues without harming living tissues, providing a gentler alternative to traditional cuticle removal methods.

  • Slower Cuticle Growth: With e-file services, cuticles tend to grow slower and appear healthier compared to traditional methods, leading to improved nail health over time.

  • Long-Lasting Results: While e-file services may take longer, the results typically last longer compared to basic non-e-file manicures and pedicures, offering enhanced durability and maintenance of nail health.





No polish


With polish










Hard on short nails


Hard on medium nails


Hard long


Extention short/medium


Extension long


Removal acrylic or dip powder



Classic pedicure no polish


Classic express


Classic full


No chip express


No chip full